Days 18-24


Such a wonderful place to be in. In the past week spent here I’ve had an incredible time and met the most amazing people. I can’t go over everything thats happened here but I’ll definitely go over some of the key things. No chronological order.

Nice to meet you Guillaume, Peter, Aaron, Marco, Pearl, Cam, Cam, Mike & Erin, Meghan, He Lena, Carmela, Ugne, Marlee, Whitney, Alex, Peter, David, Jordy, Arena, the whole gang at The Preserved Seed, the staff at The Dancing Bear, Jocelyn, Denice, Erica, Mika, all of the guys at the beach playing volleyball, Greg, Ty, Zack & anyone else that I’m missing in this list!So where to start….

I pet a cat in the street.
Ate so many sandwiches at The Preserved Seed.
Played volleyball with travellers.
Hiked the railroad under the stars, followed by skinny dipping with strangers. Strangers, I mean friends.
Climbed trains and surfed.
I saved a capsized boat from the middle of a lake, swam out and pulled it by the rope to shore. Had some help from my new buddy Alex. It was something like this…Took the boat out with Meghan, Alex & He Lena. We sang pirate songs and abandoned ship!Bumped into the owner of the boat days later. Glad to have helped you out Cam!
Sang songs and shared food with new friends at The Dancing Bear.
Played lots of pool with Cam, He Lena & Carmela.
Climbed more trains with Ugne.
Almost went to a huge festival, Shamrock or something…Fell asleep and didn’t go to a festival. Cooked a gourmet meal for a bunch of people.
Shared beers, lots of them. Drank coconut tequila, thanks Pearl!
Laughed Hysterically on the beach.
Watched multiple sunrises.
Paddle boarded under a bridge.
Cooked steak and grilled zucchini.
Drank wine under the stars & listened to Frank Sinatra.Did handstands with Germans.Played cards with He Lena on her birthday.
Bought a volleyball for Nelson and called it Nillson. I hope it has a good run.Watched helicopters fill up water for a fire on the other side of the mountain. Built an island in the sand with Meghan.
Let a bug hangout on my beard.
Watched a rap battle in the streets.
Helped Carmela break into her car.
Hung out with hippies.
Drank Mate tea.
Watched Life of Pi.
Watched Sleepy Hollow.
Said goodbye to Peter and Aaron.
Smoked a cigar with Ugne.
And so much more.
Being in Nelson has been the highlight of my trip so far, I’ll miss this wonderful place but I will come back one day. The atmosphere has such energy it can capture anyones heart and soul. Thanks to everyone that I met and made memories with during my stay, loved every moment of it. I wish all the travellers a safe journey and all of the people living in Nelson a fantastic summer!

Can’t wait to see what the rest of my trip has in store for me.

Lets make more memories.

Beautiful bridge

Angels in the sky

Nelson Island

Painted one too ;)

Our bug friend and 1st resident of Nelson Island!

Bridge Fun.

Travellers on the beach.


The rescued boat.

more bridge fun

great light

The saved boat.

Cam with his boat savers!

Sailers delight!

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