Day 33 - 40 

I’ve felt a lot of pressure the last few days about getting my blog done. Theres no way I can encapsulate all of the things that happen in one day let alone eight days. I’ll do my best to run through some of the key points, like where I have travelled to, the places I stayed and the wonderful people I’ve met along the way.

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Heres a list of my days and the distances travelled:

Day 33 - Fernie to Crowsnest Pass - 60km

Day 34 - Crowsnest Pass to Lethbridge - 150km

Day 35 - Lethbridge to Medicine Hat - 170km

Day 36 - Medicine Hat to Tompkins - 145km

Day 37 - Tompkins to Swift Current - 80km

Day 38 - Swift Current to Saskatoon - 270km (by car, will explain later)

Day 39 - Saskatoon and hanging out for a few days!

Day 40 - Still in Toon Town Over the past week I’ve travelled a fair distance. While holding onto the mountains for one last time I decided to sleep behind and info centre in the Crowsnest Pass before embarking into the great land of Alberta. Once I left the mountains for good I took it upon myself to crush some kilometres. My first ride in Alberta was 150km to Lethbridge. I pulled into town unsure of where I would be staying but knew I would eventually figure it out. After sitting on the patio of a Starbucks for a couple hours I was feeling rather peckish and headed over to a pub for some grub. This is where I met two lovely ladies, Lindsay and Madison. Both travellers of the world they understood I was in a position where I needed a bed! Lindsay offered for me to crash at her place and of course I said yes! It was a such a treat to meet them and her 5 dogs. Thanks so much again you guys!!!
Once I left Lethbridge I had another whopper of a ride to Medicine Hat, 170km, the furthest I’ve ever ridden. Nothing too special occurred on this ride but I was surprised at how beautiful the province was. People had warned me how boring it would be but I enjoyed every moment of it, smiles the whole day!
I left a little late in the day which had me riding in the dark for about an hour, not the safest way to travel when the traffic doesn’t change. Nonetheless I put my four-way lights on and strapped a headlamp to the front of my bike, then gripped it and ripped it. Again I wasn’t sure where I was going to sleep that night but ended up finding a great spot behind a public school. I set my tent up in the corner of the building, smoked a cigar and watched the stars then hit the sleeping bag.

After an early rise, as not to be seen bumming it behind a school, I made my way to McDonalds for a carb loaded breakfast. I was aiming on doing the biggest ride of my trip to date, 225km. I only made it 145km before realizing I needed to give my legs a break. I had been riding a lot the last few days and didn’t want to blow a knee or pull a muscle by trying to be a hero. I decided to hold up in Tompkins which was now in Saskatchewan, I had ridden across Alberta in two and half days! I stayed in a cheap motel above a bar in town and had a great time chatting with the locals, especially Pat and Lavette! (hey you two!)
The room was more than I could have wanted and slept in until noon the next day.

After managing to get out of bed I had a nice gas station breakfast and hit the road. I was on my to Swift Current today. Over the previous few days I had been chatting with my friend Ugnė who lives in Saskatoon. I met her and her friends back when I was in Nelson. We decided that when I got to Swift Current she would pick me and bring me north to Saskatoon. She offered me a place to stay while I was in town and to be my guide during that time! Such wonderful people out here.
After rolling into Swift Current I found a decent motel to stay in and made my way over. Cooked a nice pasta dinner and fell asleep watching old black and white movies.

In the morning I headed over to the nearest Tim Hortons for some food and Wifi while I waited for Ugnė to pick me up, she had a 3 hour drive to get to me. Once she got there we did U-turn and headed on back to Toon Town, which apparently no one in Saskatoon calls it by that name, they call it Stoon…who knew?! I prefer my version. Once we got back to her place we enjoyed some beer and salmon sandwiches while we watched Zoolander. I forgot how really really ridiculously good that movie was. Had to be at least…3 times better than I thought it was.
I’m still in Saskatoon right now and will probably hang out here for a couple more days, not leaving here until I see a bunch more of the area! I’m enjoying hanging out here and meeting Ugnė’s friends, tonight we will be hitting up the bar she works at which is also the same bar my step dad Chuck went to every single day while he was working here last year. Apparently his picture is up in the staff room! Can’t wait to see it.
On a different note, things are starting to pick up with the WWF and will hopefully escalade into a fantastic fundraising project! If you haven’t made your way over to the donation page yet then you should! haha thanks so much for all of the support everyone. A quick shout of to those of you who have donated already.Thank you so much Kristin, Jan, Randal, Paul, Wanda and Giana. As well to those few anonymous donners!

Lets reach $15,000.00 everyone!!!

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