Day 28 - 33


I’ve spent the last 6 days here in Fernie. Today I’ll be leaving heading into Alberta, into the prairies. I was holding onto the last bit of mountains that I could but its time to move on, theres a lot of ground to cover still. Although I’ve been on this trip for a little over a month it only took me 11 days of riding to get where I am. If I can ride fairly consistently from here to Ontario I should be rolling into home around mid September!

Time for the F#$@ie details.

Starting with awesome people that I met. He Lena (again), Santana, Joshua, Tamara, Emily, Rob, Peter, Mic, Joe, Sadie, Nathan, Jenny, Connie, Kiersty, Steely, Aiden, Daniel, John and more!!! Oh and Emma & Rebecca, who I introduced Jonny Lang to.
Saw a super duper moon!
Had a few nights out on the town with awesome strangers.
Watched a meteor shower on the river with new friends.
Hiked in the rain to a beautiful waterfall, had it all to myself :)
Saw a lion…kinda, I might be lion.
More cowbell. Played a thousand games of pool, but more like 50. Had coffee at Mug Shots Cafe.
Ordered lots of pizza, 2 For 1, best in Fernie!
Ate free pancakes.
Watched a good Robin Williams movie, rip.Hey Emily, by Kiersty! Watched a horse chase on a mountain. I think that will do nicely.
I’m heading out now, on my way to Pincher Creek.

Talk soon.

Lets get out of these mountains and into a dry Martini!

I wasn’t lion.

Three Sisters Peak

More cowbell!

First glance at the falls

Fairy Creek Falls

Charging for the prairies.

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