Day 27

Day 27 - Cranbrook to Fernie

I took my time getting out on the road, today was mostly downhill so I had some time to spare.
For breakfast I went to Timmies, treated by the Solty’s, thanks! And before heading out I loaded up on Mcdonalds, again treated by the Solty’s!
I felt full of carbs and ready to take on the day.

Soon after leaving Cranbrook I stopped to take a pic when a guy on a mountain bike was heading the other direction. He stopped and we had a chat, his name was Jagger. He was coming from a mine further down the highway. Before parting he reached into his bag and gave me a piece of gold straight from the mine! Not many people can say that a stranger gave them some fresh gold, thanks Jagger!
I’ll carry that with me to the east coast.

Stopped at a street called Ha Ha, had to.
Grabbed an ice cream at the halfway point to Fernie.
Dunked my hair into some bright blue water.
Went through a tunnel, that was awesome.

Got into Fernie and traded two bandaids for a Miller tall boy. Fair trade I’d say.
Met up with He Lena again! It was close to a week since I last saw her.
Ate peanuts and played ping pong.
Watched a funny movie called That’s My Boy. Met some cool people, Rob, Peter, Kiersty, Joe, Mic and more.

I’m sure there are details I missed but I’ll never be able to sum up one of my days.

Lets stay in Fernie for a while…

My hotel room.

Long way to go! Get’er done!

I had to.

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