Day 25

Day 25 - Nelson to Creston - 124km

Left Nelson, finally. Probably a harder thing to do than climbing some of the mountains I’ve encountered.

No joke.
After taking a week off of cycling getting back on the bike was a challenge, having a headwind all day doesn’t help either!
Today I was headed to Creston which is where I would stay with another warm showers host, Ryan and Christine. Which would turn out to be the highlight of my day.
I made my way early-ish in the morning to a ferry that took me across the Kootenay Lake, a nice way to travel, my bike isn’t very good at floating. Well…I haven’t tested it yet.
The day wasn’t very exciting, I stopped just a few times to snack and take pics. I was more concerned about getting the ride over with. It was actually the most disconnected I have felt since I started my trip. This mental block alone caused me to rethink what I was doing, but I did my best to push those thoughts out. It worked.

Some things that happened in my day.
Bought new shades because someone stole my other pair from the hostel.
I snacked on Kiwii, bread and cheese.
A dog came out of the woods and joined me for some fruit. Cute little bugger.
I almost stopped at a glass house but I saw through that money grabbing scheme.
Waved and smiled at some honkers. (Honkers: the people that are either honking at me for encouragement or are saying get off the road)
A lady tied up a giant beast next to me. The dog was bigger than my bike.
That will do.

Got into Creston which was a much harder ride than I thought it would be. I keep thinking I’ll have an easy day but than an annoying climb or a headwind pops up to make it more challenging.
I hung out at a Timmies until getting in touch with Ryan.
He told me to pop by whenever, he was cooking beans & rice for the burritos we would soon be eating for dinner.
I arrived at Ryan and Christine’s PLACE, caps lock and going with it, to find Ryan waiting for me on his porch. After a quick chat I had my gear loaded up in his garage and he gave me a tour of the place. I had the option to either sleep in the backyard under a giant willow or in the garage. I chose the garage so I wouldn’t have to set up my tent. Also I spotted a family of racoons living in the willow and didn’t want any visitors in the night. Ryan and Christine didn’t know they were there!
We swapped a few stories and I told them tales about my trip and shared a few laughs.
After some delicious burritos Ryan and Christine did a meditation while I hung out and shot a time lapse of the willow.
I felt so comfortable being at their house, they were so welcoming and down to earth it was hard not to be. They have hosted quite a few cyclists, including Aaron and Peter, I’m sure everyone must have felt the same way when they stayed here.

Later in the night Ryan made me a nice cup of coffee with his wicked cool coffee press. We talked about my route across the country and checked out the wild elevation changes in Newfoundland, I’m looking forward to them!
A few more laughs later I called it a night and fell asleep watching a movie, The Grey.

Lets rest peacefully tonight.

Ready to get going again!

Ferry times

Kootenay Lake

Snack Time

Hey buddy!

New shades…way too big. Gas station quality ;)

Kootenay Lake

The Beast.


Unpacking at Ryans

The Willow.

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