Day 15

Day 15 - Osoyoos to Rock Creek - 50km

So now that you have seen the future I’m going to have to jump backwards in time to bring you up to speed. It’s tricky business but if you pay attention we can get through this together.

After getting home from the pub I did the hot dog dive right into the bed that Willy had blown up for me.

6:30 am, gooooooood morning Vietnaaaaaammmmm! My first thought was how much of a good idea it was to go play pool the night before! I felt wonderful. Anarchist Summit seemed pretty easy so I thought to be fair I’d make it a little more challenging.Aaron and I made our way to the gas station at the base of the climb. After a coffee and some twinkies I was feeling ready to go back to sleep. We met another cyclist before heading out, his name is Peter. He’s on a ride to Calgary with a much lighter load than us. Before shipping off, Willy popped by in his truck to wish us luck, such a beauty.
I let Aaron and Peter take off ahead of me, I had some mental prepping to do before getting on my bike. I left a good half an hour after them with some Led Zeppelin blaring to get me going.
It wasn’t so bad, just hot! It picked up to over 40 in just a few hours.
Besides the climb the view was great! I just wish it wasn’t so washed out with hard light, doesn’t make for a good photograph…

Eventually I caught up to the other cyclists, they took a break somewhere along the way and I passed by them without seeing. All of a sudden i saw them in my rear view, it was like being chased in an old movie haha.
For a bit we rode together, kind of a neat thing, all of us flying down the road. Of course I saw a picture that was worth taking so I lost them again. Tis what happens when you travel with a photographer.

Later in the ride I was stopped taking a picture, as I do, when I heard a horn just being wailed on. I turned to flip the guy off but it turned out to be none other than Willy! He pulled up beside me with his buddy Brent, handed me an ice cold water and took off without saying a word. What a guy! Further down the road I caught up with Aaron and peter, sure enough they had some water too. Turns out Willy and Brent were waiting for us in a pub in a town called Rock Creek, just a few clicks down the road. It was all downhill so we flew into town.
We found our way to the pub, Peter carried on to the next town over after a quick water and milkshake.
Aaron and I stayed for some grub and chatted with the guys, just a pair of really cool dudes. Before heading out Brent paid for both our meals, thanks again Brent! We said our final farewells to Willy, he promised that we were on our own from here on out! For some reason I doubt that. He may just turn up in Nelson for a party or two! (we will be there in a couple days!)

After saying goodbye Aaron and I decided to hang out at the local coffee shop to let the heat die off. This is where I left off from yesterdays blog. Congratulations! You’ve successfully been brought back up to speed! Still awake?

So about that 35km I had to ride…I decided to stay in Rock Creek for the night, Aaron went ahead of me to Greenwood. I’ll probably meet him again in a couple days or so.

The coffee shop, The Rock Creek Trading Post, closed up at 5pm. I hung out here for a while using the wifi. I met a couple of folks named Francois and Glenna :) Hey guys! Thanks for watching my stuff while I cleaned myself up! By cleaning myself up I mean stripping down and getting naked under the bridge in town. That sounds like code for something but is just a literal translation. Thats where I bathed. Later in the evening I headed back to the pub for a snack, but really to go talk to the cute waitress that works there. I said it. They closed up early so I made my way back to the coffee shop, started playing around my laptop and edited my images for todays blog. I was going to head down to the creek to camp but instead I just laid down with my sleeping bag where I was. Seemed the better choice. Except for the noise of logging trucks passing by me every 10 minutes and the hard concrete floor, I slept great.
(nice to meet you Maggie and Tyler! Have a great honeymoon!)

Lets camp on someone else property tonight!

Morning fuel to climb the hill in the distance

Lovely angles

The start of Anarchist Summit

Half way up

Half way up

Half way up

Half way up

You could live here!

Half way up

Half way up

Half way up

Further up

Further up



an old wooden ship?

Nothing better to do…except ranch


Big drop off a bridge

The other side

big drop much!

Farm land

Aaron, looking like a hamster….

Aaron on the road

More fields


More field.

About to descend into Rock Creek

About to descend into Rock Creek

Coffee shop I abused for Wifi

My shower room.

The family of deer waiting for me

Oh, hi!

My bedroom, on the patio.


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