Day 11

Day 11 - Princeton to Hedley 45km

A late start to an easy day. As a hundred crows circled around Aaron and me we wondered who had been murdered or was about to. They did this for what seemed like a century, the owner of the grounds didn’t believe me when I was raven to him about it.
After some bread and cheese we mounted our bikes and flew out of Princeton, ironically onto the Crowsnest Highway.

Passed a sign for a badgers, I didn’t care.
Hit up Bromley Rock.

While cruising downhill towards the town of Karemeos the landscape started to change into a desert, followed by a delicious dry heat that quickly melted us. I screamed with joy when we stopped in Hedley to fill up our water bottles.
An awesome old timer named Jim gave me a slice of blueberry pie, he was on watch for the town’s museum. I thanked the kind Sir and he said that he wasn’t old enough be to called Sir, even though I clocked him in at around 80’s year old. I had to hand it to him for his young heart.

We only made it about 20km out of Hedley when we came across this incredible campsite in a valley. It was too nice too pass up and after a short ride in this heat you canyawn at the idea of setting up camp. So we made our way down to it and started to gorge on some food, it’s nice to fill the hollow in your stomach after riding. The owner of the site, Anita, came down and had a quick chat with us. She’s made a beautiful campground there and I would stay again no problem.

We cut our day short and added to tomorrows ride.

Let’s stop procrastinating, got 2 more days to blog about!

Shot of the Similkameen


Deer by the site

The site

Honey Badger dont care!

Bromley Rock

Large birds nest

following the river


and again,

and again,

and again.

Aaron on a road stop.


Thanks for the knife Ben!

Great sky

more sky

Fire and charging my phone

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