Day 26

Day 26 - Creston to Cranbrook - 106km

I slept so well and woke up feeling refreshed.
Ryan made me some coffee and a lovely breakfast, oatmeal with banana, yogurt, maple syrup and huckleberries! I’ve never had huckleberries before, I dig them.

After chatting a bit I packed my things and geared up to make my way to Cranbrook.
I said my farewells to the awesome couple and jumped on my bike.
Another day full of interesting things and people yet I didn’t take many pictures…The light just wasn’t there today.

I got about 10km into my day when I started to crave a homemade bacon breakfast sandwich. Thats when I pulled into a diner and met a nice lady named Joey. I ate my food and carried on with my day.
The biking was easier today even though my legs were tired. I just had to get my muscles used to riding again.

I can’t believe the mindset that some people have. While I was riding today some guy drove past me in a pickup truck on the highway and as he went by he whipped a beer bottle on the shoulder right in front of me. It smashed and I had to swerve out of the way into the road to avoid the broken glass. I was absolutely baffled. Karma is a bitch though, I’m not worried. I just hope he learns a lesson and doesn’t do that to someone else, I was lucky, the next person may not be.

What are some other things that happened today…

I saw a deer dodge an RV, just missed it.
I stopped to hydrate in Moyie at a gas station and chatted with the owners for a bit.
Talked to a cool dude from Calgary, hey man!
My ipods died so I talked to myself a lot. I played a game with the hills, every time I came to one I would say “Round 1! Fight!” and if i stopped before getting to the top I’d lose. I’m undefeated.

Before my final push into Cranbrook Ryan and Cristine were waiting on the side of the road for me! They gave me a cold Powerade and a snickers bar! Amazing. A quick chat later I was on my way again, thanks guys!!!

The whole day I was riding into a headwind but for the last 20km the wind turned and was at my back. I cranked out the final stretch into town, probably moving at 50-60km/hr. I didn’t know where I was going to stay so I pulled up to a bar to use some wifi and of course have a nice cold beer ;)
Turns out the bar is also a hotel. I was thinking about free camping somewhere but the bartender offered me a room for $50.00, how could I say no!

I met a cool girl from Brazil and her friends from school. Up until 4 months ago she didn’t speak any english and neither did her friends that were from Zambia. Holding a conversation with them was a challenge but also alot of fun! We played pool all night and shared a bunch of laughs that most of the time the punchline was lost in translation.Didn’t party too hard though because I had another 100km to do the next day.
Calling it a night.

Lets throw some more strangers into the mix!

Moyie Lake

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