Day 14

Day 14 - Still Hanging out in Osoyoos

Waking up at Kevin and Gay’s home was wonderful. They made us coffee and breakfast before we shipped off. After grabbing a picture of Aaron and I fully loaded we hit the streets. I had a few things I needed to get done today…

I headed over to the nearest printing lab to get some new business cards. The ones I brought with me disappeared faster than the beers we had with Willy…actually, thats a flat out lie.

Speaking of Willy, we thought we would go and check him out and see if he would host us again! We did that but only after stealing wifi from the same coffee shop as before, Dolci Delci. (their sandwiches are delicious!)We also stopped and picked up some more beer for Willy to bring as a peace offering!When we got back to the RV park we found Willy with his family, and a beer in hand of course. He welcomed us with open beers, as is tradition. (thats ones for you Mike Loader)You have to understand something about Willy, he’s just all around awesome. He invited Aaron and I to join him and his wife Kelly for dinner. The only catch was that we had to keep excepting the beers he was giving us, and Aaron had to cook dinner. Dinner was ribs and pasta! Great job on the ribs Aaron but I think it was Kelly’s sauce that made it! After eating lots of food and drinking lots of wine we realized we should probably gets some sleep, we had to climb Anarchist Summit in the morning. So I did what anyone would do in that situation, had another glass of wine and went to local bar to play some pool! Terrible idea. On my way there I was cut off by a guy in a pickup truck and wiped out, scraping up my knee and bending my back tire slightly. Greeeeaaaaaaaaaatttt!!!!
Once I was at the bar everything was fine, I played some pool with a couple guys that were travelling and also with a women and her two daughters.
Good times.
I’m writing this right now at a small Cafe in Rock Creek. This is privileged information which you are getting one day in advance! Hello to the family that I just met! I told you I would put a blurb about you!

Let’s get cracking, still have 35km to ride!

Shipping off into Osoyoos, again.

Willy, looking impressed.

Hanging at Willy’s


Aaron & Willy cooking

The ribs!

Nice sky

Willy’s bikes


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