Day 10

Day 10 - Manning Park Resort to Princeton - 70km

Continuing from where I left off on yesterdays blog, I had the ice on my knee and was gearing up to leave.
I headed to the lobby to get my Wifi fix, itching at the idea of getting it done and moving onto the road. After a quick blog Aaron and I went to grab some breakfast. I thought I would spoil myself with a steak and eggs combo, it wasn’t anything special…eggs were too runny but I got over it pretty easy. I know a certain pub back home that could do it a dozen times better.
Breakfast, cheque.

On the road again, I wish I had some Willy Nelson on one of my iPods…Todays ride was fairly simple, in comparison to the ride from Hope to Manning. It started with a 700m descent only to get to the base of a 600m ascent, a decent climb that I was inclined to accept would be the height of my day and couldn’t possibly decline such a feat. Man, I’m on a roll.

At the end of our climb we decided to have a snack before starting our chilly 800m downhill race. Once we were moving we clocked in at 60km/h. I know this because Aaron has all the gadgets…

Finally reaching the town of Princeton we saw a sign at a pub that said $8.00 steaks! After a quick discussion we decided to go for it, how could we possibly meat a conclusion that would steer us otherwise. It was much better that my breakfast. (Oh yea I had my first fall on my bike today, forgot I was clipped in, I hurt my calf…) So after dinner we set out to find a grocery store to buy second dinner. Success.

Now at our destination for the night we set up our living space by the river had a quick dinner then hit the tents. Goodnight y’all!

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