Day 7.

Day 7 - Hope to Manning - 65km

What a day.
I took my sweet time leaving, getting out of Helen’s place around noon.
I was nervous because I had heard so much about this nasty adventure I was about to embark on. Unfortunately when you decide to do something you have to do it regardless, at least thats my way of thinking
My mind was well beyond made up so I did as much mental preparation as possible.

Nothing prepares you for 8 hours of uphill biking with a load of 120 pounds, when you haven’t trained that is. I had to stop every 15-20minutes to fuel my body up on food and water. There were times (the worst times) when I literally unclipped my one shaking foot out of the peddle to bring it down on the hot pavement and then tried to catch myself with the other shaking foot before tumbling into traffic or the other way down the mountain’s slope. After managing the weight of the bike I would lay my head onto the handle bars, dripping with sweat, grasping for the bag of mixed nuts I had. While stuffing my face with a fist full of cashews, dried berries and sesame seeds I would would watch the oncoming traffic in my mirror, specifically the large trucks that don’t give you an inch, wizz by. This was my day.
Ride hard for 20 minutes, break for 2, repeat.

I did this for 8 hours, it was truly the most physically enduring thing I have ever had to do. But I did it!
Such a rewarding feeling getting to the summit of Allison Pass! I took a photo of myself at the end of it and couldn’t help but scream my head off with joy. Roughy 1400 meters over 70km.

(Going the same direction as me was a couple, John and I think her name was Lora-lee, sorry if I got it wrong! We had a few chats and met up at rest stops, I hope their trip is going well!!)

(As if I could say that I got to my destination and went to bed.)
The campground I had intended on staying at was closed, so I had another 7km to get to the closest resort. This was ok.
I was enticed with the large sign on the highway saying “Restaurant and Bar!’

It cost me $35 as opposed to the $20 I was going to spend on a campsite. When pulling across the highway to get to my hostel I passed by three hitchhikers, just thumbing it with a hoolahoop!. Naturally I invited them into my single room with promise of good laughs and a tiny space to put their gear and sleep. The three stowaways were named Kay, Keely and Trampis! They were such a treat to meet and I couldn’t have been happier to share my room with them. I hope I can meet up with them again when I pass through Montreal.
Thanks for the late night chats Kay! What am I saying, not just Kay, you were all lovely and I can’t wait to see you again! Love, Love, Love!

Lets see how long I stay here…

Gearing up for the tough climb


close passes…

Roadside stop.

BW stop


Hope Slide

Hope Slide & ME

Make a Wish!

Make a Wish!

So gassed, but excited!

So happy to make it to the top!

Not the most flattering, but the stowaways nonetheless!

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